Cybersecurity, Webdev, Software Engineering, SysAdmin, DB-Admin, and more!

About Me

Hi, my name is Marc Nettles and I recently graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Colorado Boulder (graduated: May 2023).

I believe effective communication is key to working well in a team. Teamwork is absolutely essential, because we probably won't all know everything about every technology out there, but when we work together we can help each other overcome those weaknesses.


  • Cybersecurity. I am familiar with several types of encryption (RSA, AES, etc) and hashing (MD5, SHA256, etc) as well as their drawbacks. I am familiar with various types of attacks including SQL injection, buffer overflow attacks, social engineering attacks (such as infected USB keys dropped in parking lots labelled "Payroll" to entice employees to plug them into their computers). I most recently studied under Alex Curtiss, Software Engineer with a focus on Security at Twitter (
  • Programming, both imperative and functional coding. Languages I have used before include Python, C, C++, Javascript, Scala, Java
  • Webdev, I built this website from the ground up with a back-end that utilizes NodeJS, ExpressJS, and EJS and a front-end that uses HTML/CSS with Bootstrap, EJS, and JavaScript. The back-end also features a PostgreSQL database.