My Projects

Note: I'm changing up the font with each entry to showcase the use of different fonts. They may not all look great, but the point is to show I know how to import fonts.

The Carousel

This is a Bootstrap carousel filled with some stock photos. Very common on the home page of any website.

All Photos provided by under their free photos section.

Robotics Final

I mainly worked on the RRT (Rapidly Exploring Random Tree) algorithm which took in a completed mapping, completed using LiDAR, and then finds the optimal route. I also implemented a smoothing technique, which allowed the robot's movement to be much smoother.

Senior Capstone - Search Engine Video Editor for DigiClips

I was team lead for this project and as such I not only coded a good portion of the project, but I also oversaw front-end and back-end team progress, ensured there was effective communication, made sure organizational tools such as Notion were utilized, communicated with the sponsors, and hosted team building events.